Rosella Vanvitelli

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Rosella Vanvitelli is the Casa di Ruggisce (House of Roars) Procuratore Extraordinari in Remas. [1a]

Rosella is a vibrant and strikingly attractive woman. [1a]


She convinced two two triumvirs fond of the Great Coliseum to fund an expedition to the Southlands to capture some of its infamous beasts for art, science, art and of course some spectacular bloodshed! Many of those that accompanied her died in the jungles but she returned with spectacular captures including a Carnosaur and a Stegadon as well as a Horned One. [1a]


I know I’m gorgeous, but you didna come so far to see me, eh?.

~ Rosella Vanvitelli to Theodosius Schreiber.[1a]


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