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Sacred Spawning

Sacred Spawnings

Sacred Spawnings are occasions when single Lizardmen or entire broods hatch under the infuence of a particular god.[1a]

These are revered by other lizardmen and exhibit unusual abilities or characteristics - very rarely a individual may even be spawned with blessing of several gods. [1a]


  • Blessing of the Old Ones The rarest and most auspicious of the blessings - these spawn usually have white or are albino's. Greatly reverered by other Lizardmen as their fate is important to the Old Ones. [1a]
  • Chotec: These spawn are filled with energy. [1a]
  • Huanchi: The spawn of the god are stealthy. [1a]
  • Itzl: Blessed with an eloborate head crest these spawn can easily command Carnosaurs and Cold Ones. [1a]
  • Quetzl: Bony spurs and thickened scales improve them as warriors. [1a]
  • Sotek: The spawn is filled with anger and has blood red markings, scales, crests or skin. [1a]
  • Tepok: These Spawn are often purple and are protected from magic. [1a]
  • Tlazcotl: Cold and cool-headed even by their races standards, their scales and skin are often tinged yellow. [1a]
  • Tzunki: Webbed claws, gills and mottled sea green skin improve their acquatic abilities. [1a]