Sathphren Swiftblade

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Sathphren Swiftblade is a Stormcast Eternal, a Lord-Aquilor of the Hallowed Knights

He rides the gryph-charger Gwyllth.[1]


He and his Vanguard-Palladors were dispatched to the Realm of Shyish to find the ruins of Caddow, city of crows which housed the Corvine Gate – a Realmgate that linked the realm of Death with the Realm of Azyr.[1] He formed an alliance with the Gazul-Zagaz, Duardin Dispossessed and they united against the Keeper of Secrets Amin'Hrith, the Soulflayer. He released the soul of their prince who it had captured in a ruby, allowing the the duardin rune-singers to raise the ghosts of the hero and his slain people to destroy the Greater Daemon. [1]