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Lizardmen Glyphs

Saurian is the language of the Lizardmen. [1a]

A primaeval language which is extremely hard for any other race to speak as it contains so many sounds that are not used in other languages. [1a]

The Lizardmen call it Ssissyl'k. [2a]


  • Crude Saurian: It only contains about fifty words most of which are linked to battle or fighting with only Saurus leaders capable of stringing them together effectively. [1a][2a]
  • Skinkian: A slow dialect used by the Skinks in a low, kroaking tone - usually with long sentences accompanied with gesticulation for precision. [1a][2a]
  • Slann: Eloquent and used mostly for orders, instructions and prophecies by the Slann themselves to the Skinks. When communicating with other Slann however, they tend to use telepathy. [1a][2a]
  • Old Slann: A magical language of batrachian warbles. [2a]

Written Saurian

Phonetic glyphs which were taught to the Lizardmen by Tepok and Tlazcotl. [2a]