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Settra on his chariot

Settra, also known as Settra the Imperishable was the first king to unite all of Nehekhara under one ruler. He conquered the entire empire and instated various leaders in other cities to provide tribute for his new idea, pyramids.

Pre Nagash

Settra built Khemri into the greatest city in the land and his armies conquered far away from their home. They brought back many slaves to work for them. His warfleets battled across the sea, bringing the fear of the Priest King to many people. Although he was arrogant and vain, he was adored by his people and the land of Khemri entered a golden age.

For all his conquests, he was still annoyed. He knew that one day death would approach and he would be taken away from all he had created. He vowed that the grave would never have him, and that he would cheat death. He set his greatest, wisest and most powerful priests on the mission to find the solution to this.

The priests searched for years, but could not find what Settra sought. He was kept alive for a long time after he was supposed to die, but he could not be kept alive indefinatly. On his death bed, the priests promised that one day he would return and rule of another golden age. His body was taken to the pyramid of Khemri and placed there until his appointed day of awakening.

Nagash's Spell

Nagash's spell, cast over the entire of the region, caused hundreds of the tomb kings to rise from their chambers. On the second day, Settra rose and great was his fury. He vowed to reconquer his empire and return it to glory, and to seek out and destroy the enemy, Nagash.

His powers were such that he cast his priests away, knowing that they had lied to him and kept most of their powers to, and for, themselves. He also ordered many Tomb Kings to return to their chambers and await the call to return to life, for they would only raise unrest and disturb the peace.

In Game

Settra counts as a Lord in game terms, and always rides atop a mighty 4 horse chariot, named 'Chariot of the Gods'. Also, he has similar powers to the Liche High Priest, but his army may not have any Liche Priests due to his banishing them.

He is armed with The Blessed Blade of Ptra, The Armour of Golden Magnificance and The Crown of Nehekhara. These all make him a very powerful unit and leader.

Second Dynasty

Settra was the greatest leader, and as such was not followed by an equally good leader. He was followed by Ahtaf I.