Shadow Druid

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A Shadow Druid.

Shadow Druids are the powerful Undead remnants of ancient tribal wizards.


Kings have ever been surrounded by advisors, courtiers and wizards, and those entombed within the the barrows are no exception. In life, these druids counselled their masters on the whims of the many Gods, and the future mapped in the stars. They were also the architects of the barrow complexes, and performed the rituals that accompanied the king into the next life. Unlike a king's other servants, the druids would not be killed and pass into death alongside their master, but would instead serve new rulers until the sparks of their life were almost spent. As death stirred to claim him, a druid would imbibe of a magical poison that, though causing a terrible and agonising death, would allow their spirits to endure and watch over the barrows for eternity.