Skull Cannon

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Skull Cannon

A Skull Cannon is a powerful Daemon engine of Khorne. [1a]

The Bonegrinders, Clinkerfiends, Hellforged Bellowers. [2a]

Skull Cannons are monstrous fusions of hell forged machinery and deamonic spirits whose twisted veins burn with their desire to crush bones and shed blood, exulting the praises of the Blood God as they trample his foes. [2a]

A pair of Bloodletter's ride atop it, chanting the praises of Khorne and howling with joy as their steed approaches the enemy. Within the armoured shell beats a black heart as wrathful as any other Daemon that serves the Blood God and more proud and wilful that even the wildest of Juggernauts. [2a]


Legends state that they may have been forged by the hand of Khorne himself in the furnaces at the foot of his throne, beaten into shape upon his mighty anvil. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

It has spiked rollers and wheel that mangle anything in its path, with those who survive being fed into the gaping maw of the Skull Cannon, their roasted remains ejected from the rear with only the skulls being retained and fed into the cannon. Infused with the wrath of the Blood God they are then fired at the enemy catching fire and roaring with laughter as they fly. [2a]



In the shadow of the besieged Marcher Fortress, I saw the Blood God's host in all its terrible glory. Yet it was the cannons upon the ridgeline that captured my attention. Lined wheel to wheel, they belched fire and gore at the lithe Daemons who sallied in the fortress defence. I weas certain no host, immortal or otherwise could long endure such a fusillade. Moments later, I was proved correct as the defenders withdrew, leaving the charred remains of their fellows to the enemy's scant mercies.

~ Liber Malefic. [2a]


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