Skweel Gnawtooth

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A miniature of Skweel.

Skweel Gnawtooth is a unusual Packmaster within Clan Moulder.[1]


Skweel grew up, not among other skaven but common rats with which he formed an natural afinity and when he grew larger he was followed by a small horde of the chittering vermin. One of the [[Master Moulder]s noticed his abilitiesand that those who challenged him were draggied into the deep shadows by the horder of rates. he was tested by being sent into the pens that contaiend greater beasts and he was not mauled by them. [1]

As he became a Packmaster, he considered his charges as trained animals eager to perfrom rather than requiring whipping into action and they responed well to him, deadily carnivores such as Rat Ogres and Wolf Rats presenting him with choice peices of prey to feed on. Only Hell Pit Abominations do not respond to him in this way. [1]

Skweel has previously hunted rogue assassins with sniffer-beasts, steered a Tunneling Gnawbeast into a Dwarf Hold and assisted Clan Mors with packs of rage enhanced Rat Ogres but now that he has risen to the notice of Lord Verminkin who will now only allow his services to be sold to the very highest bidder. [1]

Weapons and Equipment

He wields the Warp-lash, a magical warpstone impregnated whip. His packs are often belssed with unusual mutations. In addition to the host of rats, he is accompanied by his faithful Wolf Rat Gutsnagger. [1]