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Snorri Lunngrin also known as the halfhand was the son and heir of High King Gotrek Starbreaker. [1][2a][2b][3a]


His father tried to arrange a marriage for him with Helga, daughter of his ally, the king of Karak Kadrin but he had eyes for another. [1b]

Whilst exploring near the entrance of Karak Krum, Morgrim Bargrum and Snorri were attacked by a large number of rats and Skaven and barely escaped with their lives, Snorri loosing several fingers. [1a] The pair made their way through deep areas of the lost hold, discovering a seem of Brynduraz‎ before they came upon a temple to Grungni. [1b]

Inside, to their great surprise they found the Runelord of their hold, Ranuld Silverthumb who was less than pleased to see them but after various insuts told them he was in search of magic. [1c] Later as the roof collapsed, Ranuld trasnported them to safety, [1c] near the Rorganzbar, the northern entrance to the Ungrim Ankor to the world above the earth. [1e]

In a storm, they encountered Imladrik of Caledor on his Dragon Draukhain who offered to transport them to Karaz-a-Karak. Snorri was suspicious but Morgrim persuaded him that he would sooner be able to have beer and meat in his belly if he did so. [1f]

However as Snorri was about to climb on board, the Dragon reared up, spitting fire into the sky and dumping Morgri to the ground as it seemed to search the surroundings whilst Imladrik had to use dragonsong to calm his mount. Despite the Elf appologising, Snorri challenged him to face him on the ground if he wanted him dead. Imladrik declined and left them, expressing his regrets once more and saying he would do the same to the High King. [1g]

Returning to his home, he was escorted in by a unhappy Thurbad Shieldbearer, captain of his father's hearthguard who had been sent fetch him. [1h] Snorri had his wounded hand attended to by Elmendrin Grimbrok, Priestess of Valaya, and who he was attempting to woo. [1i]

His father was angry that he was late to join him in the rinkkaz, the gathering of kings every decade and even more angry that he had ventured into Karak Krum. [1j]

War of Vengeance

As conflict between the elves and the Dawi grew more and more likely, he gathered an army of 15,000 Dwarfs near Zhufbar in defiance of his fathers orders to avoid all out war. He was urged on (some would say manipulated) by Drogor Zarradum of Karak Zorn who Snorri had made a Thane. [1k] He was accompanied by King Brynnoth of Barak Varr who had contributed 5000 warriors, King Luftvarr who had brought 2000 Norse Dwarfs and King Thagdor of Zhufbar who had brought most of the rest as well as many siege engines. When they marched on Kor Vanaeth they had promises from Karak Hirn and Karak Varn to join them with large elements of their throng. [1l] However Elmendrin arrived and persuaded him that as a future king he should put his people first and avoid war if he could. [1m]

After eight years, he could hold back no longer and prepared once more to march on Kor Vanaeth. [1n] He gathered an army of 40,000 warriors and advanced on the city, swiftly defeating the much smaller army that it mustered to meet them. The remaining 8000 elf warriors, battered and bloody awaited the final assault but the walls and gate did not last long and the city was sacked and burned.[1o] As the last ruins were being demolished, Princess Liandra arrived on the Dragon Vranesh but did not attack, to the anger of Snorri who thought his destiny as the drakk slayer had arrived. [1p]

He continued on to Tor Alessi, fighting three more battles on the way and finding stiffer resistance, reducing his army to some 30,000 warriors. Reports also came that foraging dwarfs had been attacked by tree spirits in the Fey Forest. [1q] He marched on to the great pport city, enduring some haressment from elf skirmishing cavalry before arriving to be confronted by a vast host drawn up before the walls, far more than the 10,000 warriors the ranger Kundi Firebeard had reported. [1r]

He launched his army at the elves, and when the advance stalled against determined resistance led his hearthguard into battle, joined by King Byrnnoth and the Dwarfs pushed the elf line back but then as they nearly reached the wall, concealed bolt-thrower batteries opened up on them, Swordmasters of Hoeth emerged from the gate and sorcerers on the walls joined the counter strike. The Dwarfs had to retreat [1s] leaving 863 dead on the field and now began preparations for a siege. [1t]

Three tunnels were begun, Thom, Grik and Ari and the engineers began to bombard the city and as they did so, Snorri's father arrived with his own great host. [1u] At first they argued, but finally father and son embraced and the bad blood between them drained away. [1v] Unable to breech the walls by direct assault, the Dawi settled down to besiege the city, using artillery and mining which itself was countered by sallies by the defenders, in particular Prince Arlyr and Princess Liandra on Vranesh. [1w] However after 14 days a huge fleet of 200 ships accompanied by Dragons was sighted and reluctantly Gotrek ordered a retreat to the mountains, having lost some 3000 dwarfs killed. [1x]

Two decades later in -1974 IC, following the failure of the third siege of Tor Alessi he returned to the fortress at Black Fire Pass, Kazad Kolzharr. When Caledor II was sighted with an army he marched with a host of 20,000 to meet him in battle. [1y]

The two armies sighted each other on plains near the old iron mine of Angaz Baragdum and as they deployed, Caldor rode out to parley with his enemy. Snorri, angered further by a joke at his expense challenged the Phoenix King to a duel, which was quickly accepted. The fight was swift and one-sided with Snorri put on his back, his helmet sundered in half by Caledor's first two lightning fast strikes with his spear. The end was never in doubt and Snorri died, spitting blood and curses as Caledor walked away. [1z][2a][2b][3a]


Fighting is what I am good at, cousin. I can kill a grobi at a thousand yards with a crossbow, or at a hundred with a thrown axe. None are better than I with a hammer when used to crush skulls. In that, in the art of killing our enemies, my father and I are very alike. But he has already defeated them all and left no glory for me.I stand at his shoulder, nothing more than a caretaker who wil sit upon a throne and rule a kingdom of dust.

~ Snorri to Morgrim.[1d]


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