Soul Wars

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The Soul Wars are a series of wars that happened during the Arcanum Optimar after the Necroquake.[1a]

It is a war of vengeance started by Nagash against any who denied the self-proclaimed ruler of the Realm of Shyish of his perceived due over all the souls of deceased and the underworlds. This war is led by the Mortarchs and spearheaded by the spectral hosts of the Nighthaunt.[1a]


Nagash began planning to dominate Shyish and the Mortal Realms since he was released by Sigmar during the Age of Myth. He defeated and devoured many gods of death that ruled the myriad of underworlds of Shyish. After discovering vast amounts of Grave-sand, the realmstone of Shyish, Nagash began sending long lines of skeletons to harvest them to build the Black Pyramid, a floating inverted pyramid in Nagashizzar as well as many smaller ones. Nagash considers the souls of the dead as rightfully his and many has withheld them from him. The Chaos Gods specially Slaanesh who devoured the souls of Aelves from the World-That-Was and the Aelf gods who stole them again, the Idoneth Deepkin who steal souls and withhold their own souls from going to the underworlds but most of all Sigmar the Soul-thief who steal the souls of heroes to forge Stormcast Eternals.[1a][2a][2b]

During the Time of Tribulations Nagash almost succeeded in his goal but the skaven of Clan Slynk had infiltrated the great pyramid and corrupted the ritual resulting in the Shyish Necroquake that resulted in the creation of the Shyish Nadir, a vortex of death magic concentrated in the center of Shyish while shockwaves caused the dead to rise in trillions across the mortal realms and Endless Magic is unleashed upon the realms. Thus began the Soul Wars. [1a][3]