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  • |align=center|Renegade Wizard Princes from [[Saphery]] flee to Nagarythe. A heretic priest of [[Vaul]], [[Hotek]], steals Vaul's Hammer and takes it to Nagaryt .... The [[Elves]] are powerless to stop them. Large parts of [[Tiranoc]] are lost.
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  • ...ry passed before the work was complete. In that time, Artur had fought and lost to Sigmar in single combat, but by the 60th year of the Empire the fortress ...''', humiliating the High Priest of Ulric who had attempted to brand him a heretic, Magnus walks through the Fire of Ulric and many join him on his crusade ag
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  • |align=center|[[Karak Varn]] is lost to despoiling Skaven and Night Goblins. |align=center|The [[Ekrund]] mines in the [[Dragonback Mountains]] are lost to Greenskins. <br> The watchtowers at [[Mad Dog Pass]] fall to Night Gobli
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