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The Stalking Keep is a huge keep-beast that is used by Ompallious Zeyros for transportation and war. [1]

It stands upon a pair of huge birdlike legs and taloned feet, the ground shaking at its passing. [1]


In the Age of Sigmar, Zeyros used it to devastate a tourney being held by the Order of the Fly to decide the new Duke of Festerfane, one of the Blighted Duchies. Having abducted the Lady of Cankerwall, the Keep set a course for the depths of Bullawood, pursued by two score and ten knights of the Order and Carkus Gryme.[1]

There it turned upon the knights and with Mordrek, slaughtered them and theirs armsmen. Despite the warnings by daemons in service to Zeyros, Carkus pressed on and approached the keep. [1]