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Suleima was a Daughter of the Sands. [1a]


In -1265 IC she was very old, her face a tapestry of wrinkles with yellow, lion like eyes. [1a]


When Fasir al-Hashim presented the warrior Ubaid before the gathered chiefs for adoption by his tribe, she intervened, avoiding conflict and granting the request. [1a]

She died in -1240 IC with her last wish being that the tribes gather at the north-west edge ofthe plains in wild, forested country never tamed by man. [1b]

She was succeeded by Ophiria. [1c]


Then you must presume to know the will of Khsar better than I. Is that so? Do you mean to gainsay me?......Then our business here is concluded. The hour is late and my bones ache. Let an old woman have her rest

~ Suleima to Bashir al-Rukhba.[1a]


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