Suliman le Saracen

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Suliman le Saracen was a fearsome Arabyan warrior. Suliman fought against the Bretonnian's during their crusades against his homeland, later joining them as a friend and hero.


He was beaten by Odo d'Outremer in a duel. Odo however, impressed by Suliman's courage and skill, spared his life. At this time, the honorable Suliman had come to detest his evil and corrupt Sultan, and no longer felt bound to his allegiance to Jaffar after the gallant gesture of the Bretonnian knight. Suliman and Odo became close friends and fought many battles shoulder-to-shoulder. When Odo returned from Araby he brought Suliman with him as his faithful brother in arms.

Suliman posessed an impressive battle cry native to Araby. The cry allowed him to strike terror into the enemy, long enough for them to beheaded by his brutal scimitar.


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