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Terror in Talabheim

Terror in Talebheim
Terror in Talebheim 001.jpg
Cover Artist Paul Jaecok
Released 2006
Pages 128
ISBN 978-1-84416-308-3

Terror in Talabheim is a city sourcebook and adventure pack for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition).


  • Introduction, pg. 3
  • The City of Talabheim, pg. 4-33
  • Chapter One: The Docks of Talagad, pg. 34-41
  • Chapter Two: The Port and the Plague, pg. 42-52
  • Chapter Three: You’re in the Militia Now, pg. 53-59
  • Chapter Four: The Desperate and the Dead, pg. 60-67
  • Chapter Five: They have Guns, pg. 68-74
  • Chapter Six: Opposition in the Eye, pg. 75-83
  • Chapter Seven: The Heart of the Matter, pg. 84-87
  • Appendix One: Pre-Generated Characters, pg. 88-89
  • Appendix Two: Player City Map, pg. 90-91
  • Appendix Three: Skaven Forces, pg. 91-92
  • Appendix Four: Skaven Magic, pg. 93-94


A storm! Such a storm! A storm of change, wild winds from the north…. A deluge of hatred and despair. A God shall fall in the place of his nation. The Restless shall prove the Quick’s salvation… Fear not the storm but what comes after. Prostrate, the Empire sees not the beasts that walk upright. A plague upon the house of Taal… The Great Forest’s Eye shall close forever, and the children of the horn’ed rat shall take the kingdoms of men as theirs and laugh from the shadows till the world entire ends.

~ Necorda, Prophet of the 2nd Millennium .