The Citadel Journal 38

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The Citadel Journal Issue 38
Citadel journal 38 cover.jpg
Editor(s) Steve Hambrook
Released 2000
Preceded by The Citadel Journal 37
Followed by The Citadel Journal 39

Issue 38 of The Citadel Journal was published in 2000.


The magazine contains background, modelling ideas and rules for:

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

  • In The Dead of the Night, p.34
by Nick Kyme
A last stand scenario in which the Empire defends ancient ruins against Vampire Counts.
  • Gorskulls War Trolls, p.42
by Kevon J. Coleman
Rules for a new Regiment of the Renown: Gorskull's War Trolls

Warhammer Quest

  • A Day at the Races, p.42
by Ian Roberts and 'The Boyz Without Brainz'
A new Squig racing game using dungeon rooms and floorplans from Warhammer Quest.


  • Master of Chaos, p.18
Sean Patten presents his Chaos-necropolis terrain.
  • Trading Post, p.33
Classifieds section.
  • Gaming Contacts, p.53
Where to find hobby clubs.
  • Mail Bag, p.56
Letters, opinions and feedback.
  • Warped Visions, p.62
Fan art
  • Weekends of War, p.68
by Alex Fennell
A report on the Warhammer Empires Weekend and GW HQ Lenton and the Portsmouth Gaming Club.
  • Hot From The Forges, p.75
A look at Vampire Counts miniatures and bits, Gorkamorka glyphs and icons, the Ambull miniature and an overview of the Battlefleet Gothic range in the Mail Order catalogue.

Warhammer 40,000, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka & Necromunda

  • An overview of the contents for Warhammer 40,000, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka & Necromunda can be found here.

Lexicanum disclaimer

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