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Thorgar-Grimnir was a Fyreslayer Auric Runemaster.

He was the last Runefather of the largest of the original magmaholds, the Vosforge lodge.[1]


In the Age of Chaos he had led the lodge in gathering more ur-gold than any other Runefather in its long history. [1]

Sadly, he had not selected a heir when he died of his wounds after killing a powerful Bloodthirster. [1]


It is known that he had twelve sons each of whom claimed the throne and nearly succumbed to civil war, even as the forces of Chaos gathered outside the hold, however the Runemaster convinced them to split the hoard and go their own ways with the eldest holding the Vosforge. Some founded lodges (inlcuding Baeldrag), whilst others became Doomseekers.[1]

  • Bromhulf: The eldest who remained at the Vosforge and died in the final siege.[1]
  • Darz: The youngest son of which little is known but may have worshipped the father of darkness. [1]
  • Zhafor-Grimnir: The founder of the Vorstarg Lodge. [1]