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Throttle Gurglespew

Throttle Gurglespew is a Great Unclean One of Nurgle. [1a]


When Aenarion was defending the ritual that would create the Great Vortex, Thorttle was one of the four Greater Daemons, the best that their respective gods could offer sent to defeat him. [1a]

He vomited forth a great flood of bile and maggots that sought to burrow into the elf kings flesh but his Dragon Indraugnir burned it away with his fire and then poceeded to melt the Daemon and tear it apart with its mighty talons. [1a]


Two of my peers have fallen to you, Phoenix King and I would not have thought that possible. Still I, the Most Amiable Throttle Gurglespew, shall do my humble best to claim the victory.

~ Throttle Gurglespew to Aenarion.[1a]