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Tiranoc is one of the ten realms of Ulthuan and is one of the Outer Kingdoms. It is located on the western side of the continent, bordered on the north by Nagaryhe, on the south by Caledor, on the east by the Annulii and on the west by the Great Ocean.

Tiranoc is a land of vast, sweeping plains, bearing a strong resemblence to the neighbouring Inner Kingdom of Ellyrion. During the High Elves' Age of Discovery it rose to pre-eminence amongst the elven realms and it was from Tiranoc that the majority of the elven colonists who would settle the Old World originated from. The kingdom suffered terribly during The Sundering and most of its land was sunk. It has never since achieved the glories of old.

The nobles of Tiranoc are famous for their love of chariot-racing, and have honed charioteering to a fine art. When the armies of Ulthuan are assembled Tiranoc sends these chariot-teams as its contribution.


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