Tome of Adventure

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Tome of Adventure
Tome of Adventure cover.JPG
Cover Artist Daarken
Released 2009
Pages 100
ISBN 978-1-58994-696-5

The Tome of Adventure is a Guide To Game Mastery & Roleplaying for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition)


  • Chapter One: Chapter one: Game Mastering 101, pg. 3-11
  • Chapter Two: Episodes & Acts, pg. 12-17
  • Chapter Three: Game Master Resources, pg. 19-22
  • Chapter Four: The Progress Tracker, pg. 24-29
  • Chapter Five: Campaign play, pg. 31-39
  • Chapter Six: Enemies & Adversaries, pg. 40-44
  • Chapter Seven: The Bestiary, pg. 45-69
  • Chapter Eight: An Eye for an Eye, pg. 70-100


First and foremost, the GM is there for the same reason as the other players – to have fun. But more than that, the GM has a great deal of control over the course of events, how the story unfolds, how action is resolved, and how immersed his players become. It can take a while to grow comfortable with the role, but it is a richly rewarding experience. So how do you know when you’re performing your GM duties well? It’s simple – if you and your players are having fun, you’re doing a good job!.

Your Most Important Job.