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Tor Lithanel is a Eonir City and capital of Laurelorn Forest. [1d]

Huge gems adorn nearly every building containing souls of deceased Elves to preserve them from Chaos. Humans who have approached close enough to witness Tor Lithanel’s splendour have nicknamed it the City of Glass due to these gems catching the light and cause the city to glisten. [1d]


The city is governed by a High Council with representives from each of the major noble familes from the Ward of the Sun as well as three of the four vicarii from the border wards, with one vicarius serving as a prefect. [1c]


In -2723 IC, two large elf settlements, Kor Immarmor and Tor Lithanel were created in Laurelorn forest by refugees whose homes had been destroyed by tsunamis. [1b]

During the War of the Beard, Tor Lithanel was beseiged and its sister city destroyed by the Dwarfs after the elves retreated to Ulthuan. In desperation, the Eonir turned to several disgraced sorcerers who had been banished from Ulthuan and become known as the Grey Lords. They summoned a spirit army from the forest’s depths, luring the Dwarf throng into the forest to meet this new foe, never to be seen again. [1a]


  • Agora: Where the High Council is convened and a single lornalim tree stands. [1d]
  • Dragon Tower: Served as a rookery for Dragons, but was empty by the early 2500s. [1d]
  • Hippocrene Tower Abandoned by decree of the Queen and the former home of great seer named Sarriel, who is revered as a demigod by the Eonir. [1d]
  • Library of Mournings: Contains manuscripts from as long ago as the Sundering and an unmatched collection of scrolls describing experiments of the Old Ones. [1d]
  • Silver Tower: Oldest and tallest of the three towers of the city and which holds the Queen’s throne.[1d]
  • Temple of Asuryan: Here the sun god’s cult maintains an eternal flame. [1d]


  • Marrisith: Queen of the Eonir and a descendant of Aenarion. [1c]
  • Delynna, Lady of House Malforric, Warden of the Sun and Vicarius on the High Council. [1d]
  • Yadoh: Ancient Elf and Champion of the very first Queen, who remembers the War of the Beard. [1c]


Once every season, the Eonir Senate assembles in the city and discusses diplomacy and defence in relation to their neighbouring races.[1c]


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