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Town Cryer 13

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Town Cryer 13
Town Cryer issue 13 001.jpg
Cover of Town Cryer 13
Released 2000
Pages 48
Preceded by Town Cryer 12
Followed by Town Cryer 14

Town Cryer 13 is a magazine for the Mordheim (game) set in the City of the Damned, Mordheim and beyond.


  • The Editor Speaks.
  • Ulli & Maruand: Full rules for these Dramatis Peronae.
  • Lustria Cities of Gold: Part 4 of a new setting for the game including scenarios, Hired Swords and full rules for a Norse Warband.
  • Subplots. Additions to scenarios.
  • Questions and Answers: FAQs
  • The Sword of the Herald: Short story and multi-player scenario
  • Fortune Hunters: New Hired Swords.