Town Cryer 8

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Town Cryer 8
Town Cryer 8 cover 001.jpg
Cover of Town Cryer 8
Released 1999
Pages 48
Preceded by Town Cryer 7
Followed by Town Cryer 9

Town Cryer 8 is a magazine for the Mordheim (game) set in the City of the Damned, Mordheim.


  • The Editor Speaks: Suggested rules to reduce players taking advantage of Lucky Charms.
  • The Forbidden Square: Scenario in the north east of the city ruins.
  • Designer's Cut: Questions and answers on the game.
  • Wolf Priest of Ulric: Rules for a Priest of the god of winter and wolves, Ulric.
  • Wolves in Mordheim: Short story by Enrique Durand.
  • Stake-Out: Scenario.
  • Let the Damned Burn: Extra rules to add to any scenario.
  • Bretonnian Warbands: Full rules for a Bretonnian Warband.
  • Sawbones : Medical treatment.
  • Mordheim - City of the Damned: comic strip.
  • At the Mouth of Madness: Rules for insanity in the city.