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Trinovantes was a warrior of the Unberogen tribe in the Time of Legends and friend of Sigmar. [1a]

Thoughtful and reserved where Gerron was quick-witted and the terror of mothers with pretty daughters. [1d]


Thin framed with dark hair he wore a dark red hauberk and tunic with a long wolfskin cloak. [1a]


He had a twin brother Gerreon and a sister, Ravenna. [1d]


Before the Battle of Astofen Bridge‎‎ he saw a raven land on the roof of the king's longhouse and took it as a bad omen for the battle ahead. [1a]

As the Orcs attacked the settlement of Astofen, Sigmar posted him and his fifty strongest warriors at the bridge to hold it after they drew the greenskins with a cavalry charge. He also prepared a cache of weapons to resupply them, stacked in a wedge facing the bridge to assist the reform. [1b]

As the horsemen re-stocked and prepared to charge, he marched his men onto the bridge and prepared to face the oncoming orcs. [1b] He and his men fought hard, killing many orcs but finally he met his end with a spear thrust from the Warlord Bonecrusher. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

His axe had the image of a snarling wolf on the spike. [1b]


Now go. Ride with the Wolf Lord at your side, and kill them all.

~ Trinovates to Sigmar.[1b]


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