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The Udoses were a barbarian tribe of humans that lived in what is now the Empire. [1a]


Both men and women fought, favouring wide-bladed broadswords and their pipers marched into the thick of the fighting playing skirling and heartbreaking laments. [2d]


The tribe was split into dozens of waring clans. [2d]

  • Gallis: Their warriors were transformed into beasts by a shaman during the Siege of Middenheim. [2d]


Around -8 IC their lands were invaded by the Norsii and their coastal capital besieged [1a] and it was only when Sigmar came with Krugar of the Taleutens and Aloysis of the Cherusen that the siege would broken. Wolfila quickly joined their army with his own clansmen and together they crushed the invaders. [1b]

They drove the Norse back into the bay where their ships were beached and then bombarded them with catapults and fire arrows as they sought to escape and most were destroyed, their crews slaughtered. Wolfila gave Sigmar his sword-oath in gratitude. [1b]

Wolfila led his warriors in battle war at the Battle of Black Fire Pass, when the Brigundians suffered heavy casaulties, the gaps opened up were filled by the Dwarfs and the Udose. [1c]

In 3 IC as Sigmar was returning from his victory at the Siege of Jutonsryk, the village of Haugrvik was attacked and burned by the Norsii under Kar Odacen, Azazel and Cormac Bloodaxe, the few men killed, the women enslaved and the children offered to Kharnath. [2a]

Count Wolfila's castle was taken and destroyed by the Roppsmenn, he was cut up to feed dogs and his family killed and crucified on the remaining tower. [2b] Following the brutal campaign of vengeance led by Sigmar, the remaining clan lords fought one another for the title of Count, but when the Norsii invaded once more they united under Conn Carsten. He proved a canny tactician and delayed the enemy advance whilst Sigmar raised an army. [2c]

After the defeat of Sigmar's army at the Battle of the Northern Ridge, they retreated to Middenheim and initially defended the eastern wall as the Siege of Middenheim began. The first assaults were driven back by the Udose men and women, but then a Bray Shaman unleashed a spell which transformed the Gallis into beasts who turned on the rest of the tribe, shattering the defence. [2d]

When Nagash invaded the new Empire, the palisade forts of the tribe were besieged by the dead, Conn Carsten defending the rebuilt castle of Wolfila withe remnants of a dozen clans. [4a]


Udose warhounds were famously temperamental, vicious and difficult to train but were loyal to a master until death. [2a]



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