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The Unberogen or the Unberogens were an ancient human tribe who settled in what would become the Empire.[1a]

Food and Drink

Unberogen beer was a powerful ale flavoured by bog myrtle. [2a]


When the Orc Warlord Skarskan Bloodhelm sought to drive the Endals from their lands, Björn rode to their aid and took the Orc's head as a trophy. He tracked a great beast that emerged from the Howling Hills to its lair and took its head with a single blow from Soultaker. [1b]

After Sigmar rescued Kurgan Ironbeard from Orcs, the Dwarfs built a great stone hall for his father in Reikdorf. [1b] Pumps were installed to irrigate land nearby to Reikdorf which meant after a good harvest large quantities of grain could be taken to trade with the Dwarfs for armour and weapons. [1d]

When the Norsii invaded the lands of the Cherusen and Taleuten, King Björn pledged his army to aid them against the invaders in exchange for their sword-oaths. [1h] The combined army of 7000 met the 6000 of the Norse in battle in the foothills east of the Middle Mountains and defeated them but the Warlord of the enemy managed to retreat with many of his warriors to a wooded ridgeline - giving them a good defensive position. [1i] The Norse were defeated in a great battle but Björn fell after slaying the enemy warlord. [1j]

Alfgeir returned home with the body of Björn and Sigmar was crowned king. [1k]

A great horde of Greenskins had invaded the lands of the Ostagoths, Merogens and Menogoths. The combined armies of the Cherusen, Endals, Taleutens and Unberogens faced them at the Battle of the Aver, defending the bridges over the river Aver. For several days and nights the battle raged until finally the humans were victorious but at great cost. [1l]

In the summer of 1 IC, Sigmar called for a great muster against Marius of the Jutones and with their allies, the Unberogen marched on him with a combined force of around 10,000 warriors. [2c]


  • Astofen: A town that sat on the banks of a river below the Grey Mountains. [1c]
  • Reikdorf: Capital, a great statue of Ulric stood above its gates, its longhouse built by the Dwarfs in less than a day. [1a]
    • Oathstone: The town was built around it, the stone having been brought from the east. Kings took their oaths on it as did men who pledged their troth to a woman. [1f]


  • Guards of the Great Hall: They wore wolfskin pelts and carried long-handled warhammers. [1g] They carried no shields and wore no helmets and painted their breastplates red. [1i]
  • White Wolves: Powerful warriors that were equally capable on foot or horseback, they were equipped with the best armour but did not use helmets or shields. Red cloaks were worn and their beards and hair were allowed to grow wild. [2b]



When the warriors returned home after a battle, the King and his watched over them after they slept following a victory feast. [1e]

  • Blood Night: The night before a battle is spent drinking, feasting and giving praise to Ulric. [1a]
  • Dragon Banner: A blood red standard which declared that no quarter would given from the ancient days of the tribe, although by the time of Sigmar it had nit been raised in generations - since the time of Redmane Dregor. [2d]


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