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The Electors

The 15 current Electors
  1. Emperor Karl-Franz I, Grand Prince of the Reikland, age 35, named heir is Prince Wolfgang Holswig-Abenauer, his sister's eldest son
  2. Grand Theogonist Yorri XV of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Altdorf
  3. Arch Lector Aglim of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Talabheim
  4. Arch Lector Kaslain of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Nuln
  5. High Priest Ar-Ulric of the Cult of Ulric
  6. Grand Prince Hals von Tasseninck of Ostland, age 62, named heir is his only son, Prince Hergard[1].
  7. Grand Duke Leopold von Bildhofen of Middenland, age 46, named heir is his younger brother, Baron Siegfried
  8. Grand Duke Gustav von Krieglitz of Talabecland, age 22, no named heir[2].
  9. Grand Baroness Etelka Toppenheimer of Sudenland, age 51, named heir is Baron Olaf Sekliebe, the adopted son of distant relative
  10. Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen of Stirland, age 15, no named heir
  11. Grand Countess Ludmilla von Alptraum of Averland, age 77, named heir is her eldest daughter, Baroness Marlene
  12. Graf Boris Todbringer of Middenheim, age 57, named heir is his youngest son, Baron Stefan
  13. Duchess Elise Krieglitz-Untermensch of Talabheim, age 31, no named heir
  14. Countess Emmanuelle von Liebewitz of Nuln, age 27, no named heir
  15. Elder Hisme Stoutheart of Mootland
  1. Prince Hergard was reportedly killed in the Grey Mountains (as part of a Talabecland plot, according to the Grand Prince Hals von Tasseninck).
  2. Grand Duke Gustav has territorial designs on southern Ostland. A shrewd opportunist, he is willing to exploit traditional Sigmarite-Ulrican rivalries; Gustav hopes to influence Middenland, which has strongly anti-Sigmarite elements (with Middenland an ally, his territorial claims would have more support and he could launch a two-pronged attack against Ostland).

Noteworthy noble families

The Todbringers of Middenheim - distant relatives of the von Bildhofen family, current head is the Graf Boris Todbringer, Elector and provincial ruler of the City State of Middenheim.

The Krieglitz-Untermenschen of Talabheim - descended from the Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz (deposed for his part in the secession of the Wasteland), and Grand Countess Ottilia Untermensch (who declared herself Empress without election). Current head is Duchess Elise, Elector and the ruler of the City State of Talabheim.

The von Krieglitz family of Talabecland - also descended from Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz. Family head is Grand Duke Gustav.

The von Bildhofens of Middenland - descended from Grand Duke Gunthar von Bildhofen (the younger brother of Magnus the Pious).