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{| width="33%" align="center"
{| width="33%" align="center"
|align="center"|''You would seek aid from those butchers?  Once you summon the kraken, Hanniver, there’s no safe harbour to flee to.''
'''~ Arika Zenthe to Hanniver Toll'''.{{Fn|1a}}
'''~ '''.{{Fn|1a}}

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Vikaeus is a Lord-Veritant of the Knights Merciless [1]

She in known throughtout the Stormhosts for the accuracy of her visions. [1]


Her armour is blue and white, the colours of her stormhost and her war mask is carved into an expression of bitter spite. She wears her long black hair drawn back from her forehead and in a tail whilst her skin is as pale as marble. She is accompanied by two gryph-hounds, each with runes of abjuration and beaks encased in sigmarite. [1]


She came to the Seven Words to warn Hamilcar Bear-Eater of a Skaven threat to that stronghold. [1]



~ .[1a]