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Vranesh was a female dragon bonded to Liandra, Princess of Caledor during the Time of Legends. [1]


A large dragon, her gleaming scales were flame-red in colour. [1]


Vranesh was distant kin to the mighty Draukhain and a dragon in her prime during the War of the Beard.

She died from her wounds after she and Liandra slew in battle Urislakh, the Bloodfang, a black dragon under the control of the dark elf sorceress Drutheira. [1]


Playful but savage with only a semi-respectful relationship with the truth, Vranesh was deeply bonded to and very fond of Liandra who she called feleth-amina – fire-child. [1]


Forgive you? I do not forgive!

~ Vranesh.[1]


1: Master of Dragons by Chris Wraight