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Unaltered Articles

Individual articles and the entire contents of the encyclopedia may be used for non-commercial print and on-line publication. The rights of Games Workshop must be considered and referred to as the original authors of the information.

Modified Articles

If any part of an article is altered, it must be made certain that the information will remain as a neutral statement and that the rights of Games Workshop are fulfilled and that their authority as the original creators of the information recognised.

Practical Application in Online Media

If any of the articles are copied to any other online media, it is advisable to place the following sentence under each article (in the example article XYZ):

This article is based on the article XYZ from the unofficial Warhammer encyclopedia Lexicanum and developed with consideration to the Games Workshop patent rights policy.

"Lexicanum" should directly link to the Lexicanum homepage, XYZ should directly link to the appropriate article within Lexicanum and Games Workshop patent rights policy should lead to the current version of the official Games Workshop legal guidelines article.

This article is translated from the article General Disclaimer from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and stands under the GNU Licence for Free Documentation. In Wikipedia is a list of authors available, where you can work on the article.