Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen (7th Edition)

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The cover of the current Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen

General Structure

The Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen is an expansion book for the Games Workshop Table Top game Warhammer. This book was published in February 2009, and is for the 7th edition of Warhammer.

The book has 104 pages (including reference page and contents). The cover image is printed in colour while the majority of the book remains in black and white, although photographs of the models, 12 pages of hobby information and painting examples are in colour.


Army List

This book contains a complete army list for using a Lizardman army. Further special rules, equipment as well as Characters is included.


This book contains background information and fiction on most apsects of the Lizardman culture, including the Great Catastrophe, The Age of Isolation and "The Rat and the Serpent"

Special Character Models

This book contains background and special character rules for:

Hobby Section

This book contains hobby information on: Lizardman colours and markings and examples of; Temple Guard, Slann Mage priests, Skinks, Saurus, Kroxigor, Stegadons, Krok-Gar, Terradons and Cold one Cavalry

Authors, Artists and Coworkers

During the production of this book, the following persons were involved considerably.

  • Authors

Andy Hoare

  • Artists

John Blanche, Alex Boyd, Robin Carey, Paul Dainton, David Gallagher, Neil Hodgson, Nuala Kinrade

  • Miniature Design

Alan Perry, Michael Perry, Neil Langdow, Sebastien Perbet, Mark Harrison

  • Eavy Metal

Phillip Dunn Neil Green, Darren Latham, Keith Robertson, Joe Tomasezki, Anja Wettergren, Kirsten Williams

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