Warhammer Armies: Storm of Chaos (6th Edition)

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Warhammer Armies: Storm of Chaos (6th Edition)
Storm of Chaos 6 Cover.jpg
Author(s) Gav Thorpe
Cover Artist Alex Boyd
Released 2004
Pages 98
ISBN 1-84154-460-4


The Storm of Chaos army book is copyright 2004 and was a companion to the Storm of Chaos summer campaign. In addition to background material, the book contained additional supplemental army lists and new units, and rules for a campaign system to use to recreate similar invasions. Written by Gav Thorpe, with additional material by Alessio Cavatore, Pete Haines, Ian Hawkes, Andy Hoare, Phil Kelly, Graham McNeill, Anthony Renolds and Matthew Ward. ISBN 1-84154-460-4.

Army Lists

Archaon's Horde

Archaon's Horde is a mortal only Hordes of Chaos list which adds the following units:

Daemonic Legions

The Daemonic Legion army list is a Daemon only Hordes of Chaos list which adds the following units:

  • Be'lakor
  • Daemonic Heralds
  • Pleasureseekers. Pleasureseekers were daemonettes mounted on mounts of slaanesh.
  • Changebringers. Flamers of Tzeentch mounted on Discs of Tzeentch.
  • Plagueriders. Plaguebearers on Daemon-beasts of Nurgle, in contrast to the regular Beast of Nurgle riders in Warhammer Armies: Chaos.
  • Bloodcrushers
  • Chariots of Khorne. A chariot crewed by two Bloodletters and drawn by one or two Juggernauts.
  • Chariots of Nurgle. A chariot crewed by two Plaguebearers and drawn by one or two Daemon-beasts of Nurgle.
  • Chariots of Slaanesh. A chariot crewed by two Daemonettes and drawn by two mounts of Slaanesh.
  • Chariots of Tzeentch. A chariot crewed by two Flamers and drawn by two Screamers.

Of note in this army list is that Flamers of Tzeentch were a separate unit from Horrors, in contrast to their treatment in Hordes of Chaos.

Army of Middenland

The Army of Middenland is an Empire Army list. In addition to the Army of Middenland list, the following special characters for Empire armies are defined:

Waaagh! Grimgor

A new Ork character, Borgut Facebeater was introduced. A variant army list for Grimgor's 'ardboyz is included which introduced two new units, the Effigy of Gork and Ruglug's Armoured Orcs.

Slayers of Karak Kadrin

New characters for Dwarfs:

New units:

A variant Dwarf list for the Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin is included

The Cult of Slaanesh

The Cult of Slaanesh is a mixed Dark Elf and Slaaneshi-only Hordes of Chaos army.

The Army of Sylvania

The Army of Sylvania is a Vampire Counts variant army list.

Errantry War

The Errantry War army list is a Bretonnian variant army list.

Skaven Clan Eshin

Skaven Clan Eshin is a Skaven variant army list for Clan Eshin. The army list introduced the following new units:

High Elf Sea Patrol

The High Elf Sea Patrol is a High Elf variant army list which introduced two new units:

The army list also introduced two new spells: The Writhing Mists, and Mistress of the Deep.

Campaign System

Two campaign trees and two new scenarios, From the Wastes and Hold The Line!, are presented in a five page section entitled Fighting a Chaos Invasion.