Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition)

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First Edition cover.

The first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was released by Games Workshop in 1986.


Two epic campaigns were released: The Enemy Within by Games Workshop and The Doomstones Campaign by Flame Publications.

The setting is similar to the early Warhammer background, including notable characters like Constant Drachenfels and a dark renaissance interpretation of Bretonnia.

The First Edition features a d100 (percentile) system with attributes based off of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles stat line. Characters also have fate points, which help save characters from death or other grisly fates. Characters begin with a very basic career - anything from a bailif to a rat catcher - and progress to move advanced careers, if they survive. The game included four basic races: Dwarfs, Halflings, Humans, and Elves.



A number of supplements were produced, some by Hogshead Publishing under licence from Games Workshop ltd. including: