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A map showing the seas, shores and lands of the Warhammer world.

The Warhammer world was a planet in which several races and civilizations struggled for survival. It would be rememberd by the denizens of the Mortal Realms as the World-that-was.

It was part of a star system composed by 10 planets [1] which orbited a single star. Only a handful of their names and respective positions are known.

  • 1) Charyb
  • 2) Deiamol, the burning world
  • 3) Tigris
  • 4) Warhammer orbited by two moons, Morrslieb and Mannslieb
  • 5) Verdra

Lokratia and Obscuria are the names of two other planets but their former positions are unclear. The names of the remaining 3 planets and their respective positions are unknown.

By order of the Old Ones the Slann changed the original orbit of the Warhammer world, bringing it closer to the sun. This created a more temperate climate, more suitable for the development and survival of complex life.

Obeying their masters the Slann also built two stellar gateways: one is confirmed to be on the North Pole and the other one is reportedly located on the South Pole. These gates eventually malfunctioned and the forces of Chaos erupted through them.

Eventually, Chaos managed to bring an end to the Warhammer World in the End Times, hurling the world's metallic core through the cosmos. Sigmar clung to it until they was caught by Dracothion and it was set in the Firmament, naming it Mallus. The God-King befriended this creature and was taught of the ways of the Mortal Realms.[1][2]


The Warhammer world was geographically divided by large oceans and huge mountain ranges. The following is a description along an Old World-perspective. You can follow all details in the map above.


  • The northern Chaos Wastes surrounded the North Pole and its stellar gate. A largely frozen land, it was covered with ice in the far north which gradually gave way to tundra and large plains. The homeland of countless barbarian human tribes who eyed their softer southern neighbours with greed, malice and hatred.

Situated between the Old World and the Northern Chaos Wastes were the following regions:

  • The Troll Country, located between Kislev and the Chaos Wastes.
  • Norsca, a peninsula situated in the north of the Old World. Its inhabitants, the Norse were culturally closer to their northern neighbours, and while some of the tribes trade with the civilised southern neighbours, they also would carry out countless seaborne raids and, more rarely, even full-fledged invasions against the nations of the Old World.
  • Albion, an island lying to the west of Norsca.


The Old World, home of several civilised human nations.

  • Kislev, a proud realm located on the northern edge of the Old World, allied with the Empire.
  • The Empire, the most powerful nation of the Old World. A bastion of civilisation it had several outside threats but also hidden internal foes.
  • The Grey Mountains separated the Empire on the east from Bretonnia on the west. They belonged to no nation in particular, and are a haven for bandits, Dwarfs, and some tribes of Orcs and Goblins.
  • The Wasteland was located north of the Grey Mountains, between the Empire and Bretonnia, creating a natural buffer-state. The greatest mercantile power of the Old World.
  • Bretonnia, a land of chivalry and honour, it was the second most powerful nation of the Old World.
  • In the south of Bretonnia and technically a part of this kingdom, the Forest of Loren is de facto an independent nation and the homeland of the Wood Elves.
  • Tilea, land of several competing city-states, trade and mercenaries.
  • Estalia, west of Tilea and south of Bretonnia, it is also divided in several city-states.
  • The Vaults, an inhospitable highland located between The Empire, Bretonnia, Tilea and the Border Princes belonging to none of them.


At the southern border of the Old World are:

  • The Black Mountains who formed the southern border of the Empire.
  • South of the Black Mountains were the Border Princes, disputed between human colonists and the Greenskin hordes.
  • Further south were the Badlands, where the Orcs and the Goblins ruled supreme and battled amongst themselves.

Located south of the Old World:

  • Araby, located south, south-west of the Old World, this land was largely a huge desert. Several oases harboured several city-states and nomadic tribes.
  • Nehekhara, or the Land of the Dead; east of Araby, south of the Badlands.
  • South of Araby and of the Land of the Dead lied the Southlands. Largely covered in impenetrable jungles, which hid the city of Zlatlan.


West of the Old World was the Great Ocean

Located beyond the Great Ocean is the New World:


The Worlds Edge Mountains formed a clear eastern border of the Old World and were the ancient homeland of the Dwarfs. East of these mountains were:

Far East

East of the Mountains of Mourn are:

Far South

At the extreme south, surrounding the South Pole, were the Southern Wastes. Harbouring countless tribes of Beastmen, it was thankfully separated from all other continents by the sea.

Notes & sources

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