Warmaster Armies

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Warmaster Armies
Warmaster Armies cover.jpg
Author(s) Rick Priestly
Released 2006

Warmaster Armies is a supplement for the Warmaster game.



This supplement to the Warmaster game contains all of the army lists for all of the supported races at the time of writing in 2005. Since the publication of Warmaster in 2000 the number of armies available has grown one at a time from the original six to thirteen complete armies. Rules for the new armies have been covered in different supplements and magazines over the ensuing years. Inevitably some variation has crept into the presentation along the way. To complicate matters further, some of the additional armies have been printed in both preliminary and updated versions, whilst minor corrections have also been incorporated into the original army lists. This book updates all of the armies, including the original armies, and is intended to serve as a definitive reference for these armies for the foreseeable future.

~ Introduction.