Watch Towers of Naggaroth

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A Watchtower

The Watch Towers of Naggaroth are Dark Elf fortresses that guard the northern body of Naggaroth against Chaos incursions. [1a]

Each tower is provisioned to survive a siege of several years. [2b] Should a force be spotted that the garrison of the watchtower can not handle itself, they will ignite the magical beacons to spread a warning to the other towers. [4]

Nobles that are posted to the towers as a punishment, it is a bitter isolated command with little or no opportunity to use any political or social power they have. [4]


The watchtowers are helped by the sorcerous tower of Ghrond. Whenever the wild men of the North attack the Watchtowers are prepared by the visions of the future that the Sorceresses receive.


In 176 IC as his lands began to suffer from attacks from Chaos marauders, the Witch King orders the construction of a line of fortresses to forestall them. [1b]

A large Chaos army invading from the Chaos Wastes is detected by the towers leading to its defeat in 211 IC. [1b]

End Times

As the End Times began, Valkia led the Bloodied Horde, a great army of northmen across the Ironfrost Glacier and into Naggaroth. She caught the Dark Elves off guard and took many of the towers before Volroth finally managed to warn their kin. [3]


The towers end out mounted troops to patrol the vast tracts of wilderness to engage smaller groups of invaders or if the enemy is too large to stall them whilst Dark Riders are sent back to alert the watchtower. [4]



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