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White Dwarf 340 (UK)

White Dwarf 340
White Dwarf 340 cover.jpg
Illustrator(s) John Blanche, Alex Boyd, Paul Dainton, David Gallagher, Nuala Kinrade and Pete Borlace
Released April 2008
Preceded by White Dwarf 339
Followed by White Dwarf 341


  • New Releases, pg. 2
  • News, pg. 8
  • Legendary Rules: A complete Expansion that allows you to play massive, multiplayer games of Warhammer, pg. 12
  • Battle Report: Hammer of the Gods: Grimgor Ironhide threatens Wolfenburg in this gigantic battle featuring over 25,000 points' worth of troops! pg. 20
  • Architects of War: We gather together as many Games Designers as we can and goad them into talking about Warhammer, pg. 48
  • Liber Apocalyptica, pg. 60
  • 25 Most Influential Warhammer Characters: A list and review of the 25 most influential characters in Warhammer history - just for fun! pg. 68
  • Standard Bearer: Jervis waxes lyrical about Daemons, pg. 74
  • Toolbox, pg. 77
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Enemy of myEnemy, pg. 78
  • Modelling Workshop: Army Building: How to build and paint an army from scratch, pg. 84
  • Harry the Hammer: Rules and a scenario for this living legend, pg. 92
  • Eavy Metal Challenge: 'Eavy Metal compete to paint the best Harry, pg. 94
  • Frontline, pg. 100
  • Ordering Direct, pg. 114

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