Wilhelm the Wise

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This article is about the Emperor. For the Grand Theogonist Wilhelm III, see that article.

Emperor Wilhelm III, known as Wilhelm the Wise, Prince of Altdorf and Elector Count of the Reikland[1], was the first of the Emperors of the Holswig-Schliestein family which rules The Empire to this day.


As Prince of Altdorf

While his cousin, Emperor Dieter IV, the Elector Count of Stirland, did nothing to oppose Waaagh! Grom, Wilhelm organized a spirited defence of the Reikland. His leadership won him the people's gratitude and the respect of the Electors.[2]

Later his cousin disgraced himself further by accepting a bribe; the Electors deposed him and elected Wilhelm to replace him.

As Emperor

Wilhelm established his court in Altdorf. During his reign the Empire made advances in many areas: trade was greatly expanded, communications were improved with a new network of roads, the Empire's close relations with Kislev were reaffirmed, and an embassy even sent to Bretonnia. Many technological advances were made as well, not least in the arts of war.

In 2453 IC, Wilhelm instituted the system of Imperial Messengers, intended to alleviate the delay of news and communication throughout the expansive Empire, especially during war. When the need arises, these horsemen can ride almost non-stop even from the most distant corner of the Empire to the capital, by changing horses at the coaching inns.

Karl Franz, the current Emperor, is Wilhelm's direct descendant.