Wizard Lord

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A Wizard Lord is one of the most powerful practitioners of the fell arts of magic amongst the race of Men. Trained as masters of one of the 8 Lores of Magic at the Imperial Colleges of Magic in Altdorf, arcane power courses through their veins and lurks behind their eyes like the thunder before a storm. The services of a Wizard are always much sought-after by the Elector Counts for their armies, as they often face foes in battle who employ fell sorcerers of the Ruinous Powers.

A Wizard Lord is a true master of his craft, an individual who has come to embody one of the 8 Winds of Magic within his own body and has often spent many decades training other Wizards-to-be in their particular Lore at the Colleges of Magic. Only the most powerful Imperial armies are normally able to employ a Wizard Lord, and Wizard Lords often lead teams of their fellow magi into combat.

Only the most powerful Imperial armies are normally able to employ a Wizard Lord, as only the most dire of threats to the Empire can get a Wizard Lord to leave the comfort of his laboratory in the Colleges of Magic to face the difficulties and endless frustrations of the field. Once on the field they are the masters of the battlefield, able to send lightning bolts from the sky, massive infernos hurling towards their vile enemies, or even in some cases, send a massive meteorite from the very heavens crashing molten rock upon those who dare to defy the glorious Empire's realm. Very few armies can withstand a battle against a Wizard Lord, for they also bring in a conclave of their own apprentices and magisters that can bring in only more mayhem on the battlefield.


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