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Lord Xtli was a Slann Mage-Priest and ruler of Tlax. [1a]


In 1492 IC, Lord Xtli spoke of the prophecy of Zhocl-Tlapoc which fortold the arrival of barbarians at the rising of the sun on fifteenth day after the rising of the Itchli. [1a]

Noting their arrival, and that they had brought both lost artefacts and Skaven as an offering, Xtli dispatched Mage-Priest Zltoc to meet with them. Zltoc reported that the warm-bloods wished to trade themselves as mercenaries in exchange for jewels or gold. Xtli decided to meet them himself, wanting the answer to three questions. [1a]

The Three Questions

  • He asked the width of the World Pond and was pleased to discover by viewing the humans charts that the separation of the continents remained as the Old Ones had intended. [1a]
  • He asked if the serpent god Sotekhad been sighted in the Old World and was again pleased that he had not, judging that he had returned to slumber beneath Lustria. [1a]
  • Lastly he asked about how the New Ones spawned. The answer was similar to that given to Lord Zetec by the Dwarfs when asked the same - that intoxicating beverages, darkness and loud music was essential. It was obvious to him now that the Old Ones did not intend such foolish creatures to inherit the world. [1a]