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Zarbag's Gitz

Zarbag's Gitz Icon.png

The Zarbag's Gitz are an Underworlds warband whose members are Moonclan Grots, that are led by the Madcap Shaman Zarbag. They are a dubious bunch of greenskin Hooligans who have followed their leader into countlessludicrous and dangerous situations emerging mostly in one piece with heaps of glinting shinies to prove it.[1][2][3][4]

While looting the ruins of Shadespire, Zarbag followed a tantalising aroma of fungal spores into an enormous sinkhole. They tunnelled through it, tumbled into the darkness and crashed into the Thanatological Garden of the Mirrored City. There he found fields of choking mould and towering clusters of deffcap mushrooms. The shaman has decided to spread this noxious fungus far and wide, drawing more of his kin into the Mirrored City.[1]