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Ziggurat of Dawn

The Ziggurat of Dawn is a temple to Chotec whose constant flame destroys all that might corrupt the Great Plan. [1a]

A vast, sheer-sided ziggurat, the peak is carved into a five-clawed hand in whose palm a brilliant flame burns constantly. Any captured Chaos artefacts are sent here and destroyed by the fire during a ritual enacted by the Keeper of the Dawn. [1a]


A Dark Elf Prince, Kharondhel tries to use the flame to enact a version of the ceremony in which a prospective Phoenix King walks through the Flame of Asuryan. He is turned to ash. [1a]

Keepers of the Dawn

The tend the flame until their time in the world ends - they feed themselves to the sacred fire and Chotec spawns a replacement using their essence. [1a]