Abasko Mountains

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The Abasko Mountains

The Abasko Mountains are a mountain range that divides Estalia from Tilea.Needs Citation


Stretching almost 500 miles from the rocky cliffs of Fools Point to the Blighted Marshes their cliffs form a dangerous shoreline strewn with unseen rocks. [2]


The Elves built a great city within a vast cave but they retreated following the War of Vengeance. [2]

The people who would become the Tileans discovered the remains of the city, drove out what creatures had been drawn there, and renamed it Tobaro. [2]


A few fishing villages cling to the steep cliffs that drop abruptly to the sea. [2]


  • Tobaro.
  • Valley of Windmills: Constructed by Don Jurno Esparo, a king of Estalia, it was later abandoned but now there are rumors of ratmen using the windmills for their own purposes. [5a]