Abdul Alhazred

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Abdul Alhazred was a Arabyan Wizard. [1a]

He became known as The Mad Sorcerer [1a]


Born in the town of Sanaá, the child of a wealthy merchant fmaily, he was educated with the sons of the Caliph himself [1a]

In the library of the Caliph he found and read forbidden books on ancient Nehekhara which began his obsession with the land of the Dead, although some say he felt the call of dread Nagash. [1a]

Stealing a powerful artefact from the Caliph he travelled and investigated the ruins of Khemri, Numas, Quatar and Zandri as well as learning from the infamous work of Abdul ben Raschid and slowly going insane. He had also spoken to the Djinn and could see through their tricks and lies to bend them to his will. [1a]


He was able to use both Elemental magic and Necromancy. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

He was armed with a Dagger, clad in black robes and with the Eye Pendant around his neck which protected him from the wrath of any Tomb Kings. [1a]


He is available to hire for Warbands in the Khemri setting for the Mordheim game. [1a]


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