Abnagg Hellbeard

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Abnagg Hellbeard is a Chaos Dwarf Lord and Admiral who led a massive fleet to attack the Fortress of the Dawn. [1a]

His flagship is the Thunderfire Battlebarge, the Hammerblaze. [1a]


Abnagg gathered a mighty fleet, the largest ever to sail from the lands of the Chaos Dwarfs, swearing an oath that he would never return to Zharr-Naggrund without the foundation stone of the Elf citadel that had so long blockaded their people from the world beyond. [1a]

The first two months went very well, as the fleet destroyed anything that dared stand in its path, leaving shattered cities along the coast of the Southlands in their wake. Huge Ziggurats were erected by the enslaved survivors who were then walled up inside them. [1a]

Initially as he approached, there was no response to the vast fleet he commanded but as they closed with the sea gates, a powerful storm suddenly appeared above and around the Chaos Dwarf armada. Ships were driven on to the rocks and lightning bolts cascaded from the elf fortress into the storm and then down onto the Chaos Dwarf Fleet. [1b]

The sorcerers aboard Hellbeard's ships responded, unleashing their own power to summon a dark protective shield - but at great cost as many exploded or were burnt alive through their efforts. Their sacrifices allowed Hellbeard to withdraw his fleet, re-grouping in deeper water but a new threat arose as the High Elf Fleet attacked, unleashing deadly ballista shots as Dragonbladed warships cut straight through entire vessels. [1b] Wardancer’s leapt aboard foundering Chaos Dwarf ships whilst Dragons descended from the skies to devastate them with molten fury. [1c]

As the destruction continued, Hellbeard managed to reform his remaining vessels into a great circle of iron with their bombardment ships into the centre. Soon Elf ships were being damaged enough for them to be caught and destroyed and so they withdrew back into the safety of the citadels harbour. [1c]

The full power of his great fleet was now unleashed on the elf fortress and its surrounds - to little avail. Although the once fertile cliff-tops were turned into a blackened waste, the citadel resisted all that Abnagg and his fleet could throw at it, causing him to grow beside himself with frustration and rage. The siege would drag on for years, but the Fortress of Dawn held fast. [1a]


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