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Adanhu was once one of the oldest and wisest of all the Ancient Tree Lords of Athel Loren, along with Durthu.[1a]


It was they who when the pact was sealed between forest and Elf, spoke on behalf of the forest [1a] at the Great Council in -1125 IC. As the elves were debating how to fight the renewed Dwarf invasion of the forest he strode into the meeting and proclaimed that the forest would fight with them but a great sacrifice would be required. [2a]

When Morathi caused Ariel's soul, and much of Athel Loren with it, to be tainted with dark magic, Adanhu was one of the leaders of those who attempted to cleanse it. Battle broke out between the two sides, though none can say who attacked first. When the battle turned against the Elders, Adanhu selflessly absorbed the darkness in Ariel to himself. Thus did one of the greatest heroes of the Wood Elves pass. However, the forest was cleansed of Morathi's taint, and Loren was finally able to heal.[1b]


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