Aekold Helbrass

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Aekold Helbrass

Aekold Helbrass is a champion of Tzeentch who bears a very unusual gift: the Breath of Life. [1a]


Once a member of the Knights of the Jade Griffon, Aekold had every luxury, living in an opulent mansion but his life of wealth and power only tasted ashen in his mouth as he wanted more. [2a]

He was drawn to a secret society, the Brethren of the Golden Eagle and became a devotee of Lord of Change, Tzeentch. Finally his secret was revealed and knights of the order came to arrest him, but they fell beneath his sword as he fled from Altdorf, leaving his grieving family and fiancée behind.[2a]

Aekold journeyed north, towards the Chaos Wastes and was transformed into a true Champion of Chaos. [2a]

Breath of Life

This gift causes anything around him to spring into life. Even things long dead, such as the wood of a stave, renew. He is followed by a trail of green grass and other plants. It is very easy to tell where he has gone in the otherwise-desolate Chaos Wastes. However, this does not stop Aekold from slaying his opponents mercilessly. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Windblade: A large two-handed magic sword whose powers are erratic and unpredictable sometimes giving Aekold the power of flight, other times flying from his hand to strike an enemy a great distance away. [1a]


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