Age of Legend (Anthology)

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Age of Legend
Age of Legend cover.jpg
Author(s) Paul S. Kemp, Sarah Cawkwell, Nick Kyme, Andy Hoare, Gav Thorpe, Josh Reynolds, C.L. Werner, Philip Athans, Ben Counter
Editor(s) Christian Dunn

Age of Legend is an anthology in the Time of Legends series.


A Small Victory

by Paul S. Kemp

The great temple-cities of Nehekhara are in turmoil. As the undead forces of Nagash the Usurper sweep across the deserts, the armies of the priest-kings fall before them, every death a double loss as another soldier is added to the Usurper's unliving horde. Refugees flee the city of Bhagar, among them the betrothed of the merchant Masud. Determined to find and protect his love, Masud escapes from the city and takes to the desert, but Nagash's reach is long, and no one is safe from the curse of unlife...


by Sarah Cawkwell

For many long years, the remote dwarf hold of Karak Ghulg has stood against the attacks of Chaos-touched human marauders. But now the last assault is coming. With the women and children sent to safety, King Skaldi Ironjaw and his stalwart warriors prepare to sell their lives dearly to stop the crazed killers, led by the greatest of Khorne's champions, Valkia the Bloody.

City of Dead Jewels

by Nick Kyme

The dwarf hold of Karak Azgal, once the glittering City of Jewels, is now a dead city, a warren of tunnels and ruins infested by foul creatures. Hidden in the depths is a powerful beast of an unknown nature, the killer of King Durik's son. A band of dwarfs form an uneasy alliance to seek it out, revenge in their hearts, but the creature is more powerful than they can imagine...

The Last Charge

by Andy Hoare

The city of Brionne, the jewel of Bretonnia, is under siege, the latest victim of the rapacious dark elf warlord Rakarth, the Beastmaster. As the dark elves and their monstrous hordes surround the city, the defenders turn to Duke Corentin for leadership. Rallying his troops to meet the attack, Corentin prepares to defend the city, even as he knows that in this place, at this time, he and his knights will make their last charge.

The Ninth Book

by Gav Thorpe

Norse mercenaries, heading south to fight in the civil war that divides the Empire, take shelter from a storm in an ancient Kislev fortress. Drawing the attention of nearby enemies, they find themselves under siege. But the greater threat may come from within. Deep in the bowels of the fort, the mercenaries find a tomb with the name Von Carstein engraved upon it. And it is empty...

The Gods Demand

by Josh Reynolds

For twenty-two days, the city of Hergig has stood strong against the beastman horde that has laid waste to Hochland. But now the gates have broken, and the beasts have entered the city. Elector Count Mikael Ludendorf leads the defence, his runefang in hand and his stalwart personal guard at his side. As the beasts rampage through the city, the count seeks out his foe, intent on killing the leader of the horde, the Beastlord Gorthor. The result of their combat will decide the fate of Hergig.

Plague Doktor

by C.L. Werner

As the black death sweeps across the Empire, indiscriminately killing rich and poor alike, the people cling to any hope of deliverance. When a ragged group of scavengers, on the run from Imperial authorities, enter the town of Amorbach, one of them is mistaken for a plague doktor - a sinister figure, but one who brings hope. Can he maintain the deception long enough to escape from the town, or will the truth be discovered?

The City is Theirs

by Philip Athans

The army of Gorbad Ironclaw is at the gates of Nuln. The defence is over, the walls are about to fall and all hope is lost. Count Brutus Leitdorf oversees the evacuation of the city's remaining citizens when an advisor comes to him with an audacious - and dangerous - plan that might just help them survive - if they can find someone desperate enough to carry out the suicidal endeavour.

The Second Sun

by Ben Counter

In the bowels of the Bright College in Altdorf, Associate Comprehender Mohr investigates an ancient and mysterious artefact that tells the story of a long-dead wizard and his search for a spell of incalculable power - the Second Sun. As he reads the tale, Mohr finds himself drawn into a dark mystery that threatens to claim his soul as it did that of the wizard Malofex many hundreds of years before.


by Gav Thorpe

The Sword of Khaine resides upon the Blighted Isle, veiled in mystery and guarded by forces both living and dead. Despite the warnings, Aenarion rides out upon his dragon Indraugnir to seek the prize in order to save his homeland of Ulthuan. The journey is fraught with danger, and Aenarion must confront daemons, spirits and the elemental forces of nature itself if he is to succeed. But in drawing the blade from the Black Anvil, he will unleash the ancient and malevolent force that will tear the elven race apart.

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