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The Aetar are a race of gigantic celestial eagles that rule the peaks of Gorkoman in the Realm of Ghur [1a]


In appearance they resemble Aetherwings and Star-eagles but on a vast scale, growing to be twice the size of a Flamespyre Phoenix. Females have larger and more powerful claws and beaks than the males. [1a]


King Augus recalls the many hundreds of years before the return of sigmar, watching various armies fight over the Seven Words below his domain. [1a]

Hamilcar Bear-Eater convinced the royal family to lend their peoples aid in ridding the Nevermarsh of the forces of the Legion of Bloat and the Blind Host.[1a]



They wear jewellery and armour, covering the neck and breast in steel and topaz, whilst their rulers bear golden circlets atop their heads.[1a]

Males can demonstrate their prowess and vitality to rivals and potential mates by making displays high in the sky and at high speed - normally only hatchlings being forced to so only solid ground. [1a]


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