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Aether-gold is a lighter-than-air metal that can be found throughout the Mortal Realms and is also known as the Breath of Grungni.[1a]

In its natural state it is a either a gas of vapour and needs to be refined to turn it into a solid substance that resembles mundane gold, but brighter. Many consider it magical, although not the Kharadron Overlords who mine it relentlessly and use it to power their technology and fuel their society itself. Despite this, legends in sky-ports still talk of how Grungni created the substance and even that it may have been why he left the Pantheon.[1a]

Aether-Khemists are able to use a variety of echnology to locate aether-gold whilst Aetheric Navigatorss not only map the aether-gold currents but also the hazards that guard them, they can even call upon the aetheric currents to block enemy magic.[1c]


  • Power: Aether-gold powers the cities and the sky ships as well as holding them aloft.[1a]
  • Weapons: The gas can be compressed and fired as beams of energy, a lethal cloud or even to supercharge charge melee weapons.[1b]


Aether-gold – the breath of Grungni, some call it. Rich seams run through these clouds. Through the whole realm, really. Without it, our ships wouldn’t fly. Our cities would fall from the skies. Our people – our society – would crumble, as that of our ancestors did. It’s everything.

~ Captain Brondt to Owain Volker.[2]